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You want perfect plus-size outdoor clothes that you actually want to wear. If you are larger than average and you love the outdoors, I bet you have been in an outdoor store (or many stores) to try and find some clothes that would fit you. And a wild guess is that you’ve come up short. There might be that one thing that you could squize into but it was not what you were looking for, and you end up going hiking in jeans – again.

In my time shopping for outdoor hiking clothes have found plenty of clothes to like, but barely any to bring home. Finding outdoor plus size clothes is not easy. Bring on the added embarrassment with comments such as “your arms are simply to long” or “women don’t have that large feet” Insert eye roll here, please! And if you have ever heard ridicules comments like this know that you are perfect just as you are!

We want outdoor clothes that fit and makes us feel good. The fast drying light kind that is just comfortable to wear. The need is there, but the stores just need to catch up.

Thankfully, with the internet, it has become easier to find outdoor clothes that will fit everyone. I might be living in rural Denmark, but its very easy to find websites that ship world wide.

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The benifits of ourdoor clothes

While I have been hiking in other clothes than outdoor clothes there are benefits to investing in proper outdoor gear when you want spend extensive time in the outdoors.

Light materials means you carry less

When you go hiking, you carry everything with you. The extra weight of clothes on your body, is extra weight you have to carry. It might not mean as much if you are only going a short distance, but long hikes it means the world.

Most light weight materials dry really fast, and wont absorb as much water if you happen to catch some rain.

Outdoor clothes are made for that – the outdoors

Outdoor clothes are made to keep you safe in the outdoor environment. You wont catch on to thorns as easily. If you need to cross a stream or something you will be dry in no time.

Outdoor hiking clothes are made to support you on your hike. To make it easier for your body to breathe and move in the ways that you want to.

If you want to know more about how to use the clothes to dress in a way that is beneficial to your body, we have a full post about how to dress in layers.

Outdoor plus-size clothes brands

There are more and more brands that have started working on plus size outdoor clothes. Below I have listed the ones that I have found so far, and this will be an ever growing list, so please if you have a tip about a store that i am missing be sure to contact me. I would love to add other places to find clothes

Helly Hansen – is a very old and trusted outdoor brand. Few of their things can be found in as large as 4XL

Columbia – founded back in 1938, this is another old and trusted company. They know how the body works in the elements and they have created quite a few things for the larger than average body.

L.L. bean – founded in 1912,

White Sierra – has many new and interesting developments like insect repellent technology and UV shields. has a great selection of different clothes in plus-size. have the option for you to search for plus-size clothes as well.

Where have you found some great outdoor gear in sizes that would fit you? – we would love to keep this list growing!

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where to find plus-size outdoor clothes, to be ready to go camping with your family, in the best gear possible.
where do you find plus-size clothes - we have tried to look through that and here are some suggestions.

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