About Us

Hi friend.

There’s a word that describes your family – Mighty! It doesn’t matter if your family is larger in size, length, width or numbers. At one mighty family we will to bring you tips and tricks to make your life as a mighty family a little bit easier.

Maybe you:

  • Are looking for practical down to earth advice on how to live a sustainable lifestyle.
  • Are looking for tips to take your family outdoors
  • Are looking for tips on how to organize your life as a mighty family
  • Need some new perspectives on your family life
  • Feel like your family is the only one that size different life to the norm of two adults and two kids
  • Need help to organize your next trip or a tip on where you should go
  • No matter what we want to give you all the above!

Now you might be asking yourself who we are here at one mighty family. We are all of the above! We are a mighty family. Currently counting 6 members, Mum, Malene and Dad, Jens and 4 kids ages 2, 4, 8 and 11, all of us taller than most of our friends. We live in the forest, on the island of Fyn in Denmark. We love the outdoors and go there whenever we can. We really enjoy spending time together and we love this great big world of ours. We are on a journey to live and travel in a sustainable way that doesn’t hurt us or the environment.

Besides loving the great outdoors and our family, Jens spends his days as an electrical engineer and Malene is a Pinterest strategist, and online entrepreneur. We have been scouts all our lives – the outdoors is our happy place. We do believe in the saying from Lord Baden Powell to leave the world a little better than you found it. Hopefully this blog will inspire you to do just that.

We are so happy you’re here. Welcome!

What is your biggest challenge at the moment?

Feel free to write to us – if we can help you, we will.

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