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Are you wondering what to look for when you need a new sleeping bag for a toddler? Here I will tell you all of the things I considered before actually pressing that buy button.

When we go camping with our toddler, I always worry about how we will get her to sleep, and how she will react to the different sleeping arrangements. I also worry if she is warm enough. Getting a toddler to sleep while camping is easier if you have the right equipment, and a good base for them to fall asleep. One part of that base is a good sleeping bag.

There are a few things that we have found over the years of camping that are good to think of before you go investing in a new sleeping bag for your kids.

Sleeping bag size

You want to think about how big you toddler is, because that influences how big the sleeping bag should be. Not only do you not want the sleeping bag to be to small, so that your toddler wont fit inside, but it is actually just as bad for it to be to big, as it will be way to hard for your toddler to heat all of the air inside the sleeping bag, making it harder to keep warm.

Our son is very big. Now as parents we are large people as well, so there is no surprise there. We didn’t want to chance the sleeping bag becoming to little to fast. The deuter that we got for our toddler has the option to unzip and become even bigger. This is the perfect solution to not outgrowing the sleeping bag to quickly.

The material of your sleeping bag

When choosing a sleeping bag for your toddler, or yourself for that matter, you want to think about the material of the sleeping bag, and what that means.

For our toddler we wanted a fiber sleeping bag. You can read more about materials and the choise of material in our sleeping bag guide here.

How much to invest in a sleeping bag

When it comes to cost of a sleeping bag, it is very individual. We want quality equipment that can keep our kids warm during the cold months of the year in Denmark. It is fantastic that the sleeping bags can be used by multiple kids, and not just one.

That is why we have chosen to invest in the deuter sleeping bag. It is nice and warm, and has the ability to unzip and make more room for the ever growing toddler. We have been so happy with that choice ever since we got it, and it still keeps our toddler nice and warm even though we have had 3 kids use it.

Alternative toddler sleeping bags

While we love our sleeping bag for our toddlers, this is something that we only invested in after going on several trips. It also played a huge role, that we knew that we would be going on trips again.

If you are only going out this once and want to try out camping life, you could consider buying a less expensive sleeping bag. Some other top rated sleeping bags are:

This Professional 300 Mummy Sleeping Bag from active Era. Lots of people recommending that as a warm sleeping bag.

You can find it here from amazon.

Another great rated sleeping bag is this Vango Saturn Kids’ Outdoor Sleeping Bag – That is not as warm as the Active Era sleeping bag though.

You can find it here from Amazon

I would love to hear your thoughts on going camping with a toddler.

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