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To have a good time camping you need a good camping bed for your toddler. But finding the best toddler camping bed is hard. If its the first time you go camping with a toddler it can be hard to even know what to look for in a camping bed.

While its really annoying that I answer, that it depends what you are looking for, that is sadly the truth. I have gone through quite a few toddler camping cots with my 4 kids, and have found our overall favorite.

Best lightweight toddler camping bed

Deryan travel cot

I LOVE a pup-up tent to go insite our big tent. This is the perfect way to keep the little ones in a confined space, and a great way make sure they don’t go all over the tent.

I suggest you get it as early as you can before you go camping, because the more your little one plays inside the tent, the more comfortable they are spending the night there once you go camping!

Get it here @ AMAZON U.K.

KidCo Peapod

Deryan seems to be a european tent, and a good alternative to it is the KidCo Peapod. It has many of the same features as the Deryan.

here @ AMAZON US

Affordable Toddler bed

Regalo My Cot Portable Toddler Bed

If you are looking for something that lifts your toddler a little off the ground – take a look at this steal frame toddler bed might be what you are looking for.

With a lenght of 48inches – Or about 120cm it will hold most toddlers – but careful if you have a big, little one (like our 3 year old), as this then gets to be to little.

here @ AMAZON US or here @ AMAZON U.K.

Air mattress

If you are going to a place where you are able to bring as much weight as you want you might consider buying an air mattress. There are a few really good toddler air mattresses out there that will keep your toddler in a safe space all during the night. They have really convenient high sides so that even the most totally toddler won’t roll off.

here @ AMAZON US or here @ AMAZON U.K.

Self inflated sleeping pad.

A lightweight option for mattress for your toddler would be to bring a sleeping pad. We have another post about sleeping pads and what to look for but a sleeping pad can do just fine. When we travel light and bring a sleeping pad as a bed for our toddler, we usually bring extra picnic blankets to place underneath. That way, it only gets hard if our toddler rolls of- it doesn’t have to be cold.

Find it here: here @ AMAZON US or here @ AMAZON U.K.

I’m sure you can find other options for a good toddler camping bed but these are the ones that I have chosen to highlight. I think either of these will do just fine. Always remember to let your toddler have a girl at sleeping on the new bed before you go out into the wild.

until next time.


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