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Are you looking to find that perfect large family tent for this years camping season? Having a large family tent should be a must for every outdoor family. Our favorite kind of holiday is one where we just load up our minivan , with supplies (you can see more of what we bring here) and a big family tent and hit the open road.

Absolutely nothing to worry about, just see where the road will take us, and we will be ready to make camp where ever we go.

a collage of pictures of different large family tents, and the caption Large family tents - best camping tents for large families.

One of the things that makes camping even better is the fact that we have a great tent. We are sure that where ever we choose to stay, we will be dry and comfortable inside our family tent.

Now a family tent can be many things. Large and heavy, or small lightweight. It can be cotton or polyester, one room or with small cabins. Finally you want to think about the durability of your tent, and how much money you want to spend on it.

All of that is a matter of preference, you can read all about our large family tent and our thoughts on buying our own family tent here.

Now a tent is one of the biggest investments you will make to have a great time in the great outdoors, so you want to do your research and find the perfect one for your family.

The best large family tent

There are a few things that you want to be true for a tent, no mater what other factors you find important.

  • You want it to be waterproof, at least on the outer layer of your tent.
  • If you buy a tent with a permanent floor, you want that floor to be waterproof as well.
  • Ventilation – depending on the season you want to use your tent you want to think about how its ventilated
  • Setup – how hard it is and how experienced you are as a camper.

As a family you want to really think about how much space you need, especially as a mighty family. Some of the numbers of people the tents claim to sleep are quite misleading. Think about how tall and wide you are and what space YOU need to be comfortable. We have a 8-10 people tent for our family of 6 and we would not work in a smaller one.

We have looked at all of that and have found some great suggestions for a large family tent.

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Best tent for family camping

A question we get asked a lot is what is the best tent for family camping. While that is a preference to what you are looking to do with your tent we have to say that the Helsport Varanger Camp is our choise of tent for our family – as our needs are atm.

We love being on the go, and this tent can be put up by just one adult while the other prepares dinner or plays with the kids.

If we were to go on holidays where we would stay in one location for longer we would choose a bigger, multicabin tent, and we really liked our Coleman tent when we used that.

The best Single cabin Family tents

Being in a single cabin works really well for us as a family. We love to be close together while camping. OUR FAVORITE IS THE HELSPORT VARANGER CAMP. Here are some great suggestions for single cabin tents.

Helsport Varanger Camp

This being the tent we have, this is our favorite large family tent. Varanger lavvu had been a best-seller for years when in 2010 we introduced the Varanger Camp to the range, the world’s first lavvu with a camp-entrance solution! With the same durable, solid details as its award-winning namesake Varanger, it is equipped for four-season adventures; named the best lavvu for winter-use by Norway’s largest outdoor magazine.

    Find it here    

DANCHEL – The “Glamping” version of a family tent

There is something special about camping in a cotton tent. The feel is completely different to the poliester, and the way you breathe inside a cotton tent is just devine.

We didnt buy a cotton tent like this one from DANCHEL, because it would just be to heavy for our needs, but if we were to invest in a tent that would be up in the garden most of the summer, I would choose a cotton tent.

This tent even has a build in tarp at the bottom that keeps all the cold and wet outside the tent. That does zip out though, so that you would still be able to ventilate the entire tent. That would have to be the best of both worlds.

I would consider this tent the complete glamping solution, and if thats what you are going for, this would be the perfect tent for you.

Find it here @ AMAZON

The KingCamp Khan Glamping Bell Tent

Talk about a family style tent that is fit for a king. While this is one of the more expensive tents on this list this is also one of the higher quality tents of the list (those things go hand in hand, also when it comes to tents)

This is a tent of thick canvas that will keep you warm even if you choose to experiment with winter camping. It also have really cool features of a mesh net and the ability to roll up the sides in summer. This makes it a perfect 4 seasons tent.

It has everything from stove jacks, roof air vents and a place in the flooring for a camp stove.

Common complaints from reviews are:

  • High price compare to other family tents
  • Its very heavy
  • Limited options in chimny size

If you want to check out more about this tent you can Find it here @ AMAZON

Multi-cabin tents

While we love staying together in a one cabin tent, it does come with its downsides. Our children are growing and sleeping in seperate rooms might keep some of the noise out of the tent. In a multi-cabin tent there is also the option for some people to go to bed and some to stay up a little longer. Even on a rainy day (and lets face it, here in Denmark, there are always rainy days 🙂 )

CAMPROS CP – 8 Person Camping Tent

When you are looking for a tent with easy setup, and something that just WORKS, this might be the multi cabin tent for you. Its an afordable option for a large family tent.

You choose how you fill it – be aware if you want to fit airmatresses into it you might not be able to sleep as many people in there as you would if you just throw your airmatresses onto the floor.

Commen points from reviews are:

  • You get what you pay for – this tent might not hold up in a heavy storm (though many say that customer service on this is great, and they will help out)
  • Think about what sort of access way you want in and out of your tent, this one only have the one door
  • Many say its very easy to set up

If you want to check out more about this tent you can Find it here @ AMAZON

Do you have a favorite family tent?? We are always looking for other gear to check out. Let us know in the comments!

Until next time – Malene.

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a collage of pictures of large family tents. Caption with white with a blue background. Caption reads "Large family camping tents - Biggest and best suggestions for your family"
a collage of pictures of large family tents, with the camping large family tents - biggest and best suggestions for your family

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