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Trying to figure out what things to bring camping? Somethings are nice to have when you go camping and somethings you need. Camping with kids, especially many kids, there are even more things that you need that  you didn’t need, when it was just you and the open road.

Mom wiping sticky fingers on a child with a wet wipe

Now you need your personal items, clothes, sleepingbag, sleeping mat, tent and all that. If you have a toddler there are somethings that are amazing. But then there are things that you need to bring that you might not have thought of.

11 things to bring camping that you didn’t think off

Duck tape

Duck tape is a fix all, hold all type of thing that you absolutely need to bring. It can make a quick repair to most things while you are away. We always bring duck tape!

Zip ties

Zip ties have saved us more than once. A zipper that broke, something that you need to hang somewhere, something you need to hold together.. Zip ties are so versatile.

First aid kit

Accidents happen, but its so much more manageable when you are prepared for them. A good first aid kit is needed when you are camping

String – for a clothes line

Lets face it. Sometimes kids have the best ideas, and sometimes those ideas create work for the parents. Often during a camping trip we find ourselves in need of more clothes line, to try of clothes. Or in need of rope for something else – its just good to bring.

Baby wipes

Even if you no longer have a baby that need baby wipes, these are awesome. Please think about what kind you bring into nature though, some are better for the environment than others. These from Jackson Reese are 100% biodegradeble – score when you are out and about!

In camp shoes – like crocks

With 6 people in the tent when we go camping we insist that the tent is a shoe free area. That is easier to keep for everyone if we have easy to wear in camp shoes. That can be something like these crocs or

Aloe vera spray

Sometimes you burn  yourself a little, or you run into something that stings or something 3rd and equally anoying. Its just good to bring a shoothing spray like the aloe vera spray

Bug spray

You want to be able to repell the bugs. Weather that be with bugspray or those clip-on bug-repellant things, that it up to you, but bring something to keep bugs at bay.


You will need to have a washing station. We have a fold-able wash basin, but it doesn’t need to be fold-able. Just a place where you can wash up when needed.


We love a good campfire and would not go on a trip without a small axe like this one.

Small shovel

We never go camping without a small fold-able shovel. Remember to check the restrictions on the campsite to see if digging is allowed.

What do you bring on a camping trip that others should know about?

Until next time

XO Malene.

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