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Did you know that it is possible to work from home and make a completely reasonable income? With the internet at your fingertips, and a little know how, and alot of hard work, you can work from home in 2021.

To work from home can be fantastic. Whether you do if for some extra cash, do it as a side hustle, or you think of it as a full time career, one of the biggest things to figure out is – what can you even do?

If you have kids around the house you might think about how you can even work while they are there, you can read more about what I do here.

I work with several different income streams, and that is highly recommended if you want to make a living of an online business.

Here are some suggestions that can make you money from home in 2020.

Become a virtual assistant

One of the options to make some extra money online is to become a or you may have heard of the term VA. There are so many online businesses looking for skilled help, and many of them are happy for you to work remotely.

You have to think about your skills and how you would be able to assist someone online, but once you are clear on that, you can look to places such as to find work.

Becoming a virtual assistant you can do anything from sorting email inboxes or helping out with marketing tasks. You might be able to help with answering phones or spell checking blog posts.

Become a Social media manager

While this is something a virtual assistant might cover, you could specialize in just one social media platform – and rock it. If you are great at driving traffic, and you understand the workings behind a social media platform, there are many people out there that would look to you for that skill.

Again – is a place to connect with other people. Or – create a profile on social media that exhibits your talent.

Another great way to connect with people looking for social media managers is to go into facebook groups where you find entrepreneurs, use the search bar to search for “social media manager” or search for questions with your prefered platform.

Be helpful, and answer some questions in those groups. Make true connections, and you will be able to find customers, fast.

Start a graphic design company

Maybe you have the skills to do graphic design work. You can do logos for people, or templates. These are skills that does not come easy to everyone. If you have an eye for this, you might be able to make good money doing that.

Make sure you tell people what kinds of design you are willing to do for them. Maybe you will do social media posts, where you find the photos. Maybe you are amazing at designing books, or something else that I know nothing about. Go crazy and find your niche of the internet.

Start a blog

I know you have probably heard of this before, if you are looking into working from home. You can start a business from your passion. That business would start with a blog. But you can start a blog with a passion of yours. Blogging is a fantastic creative outlet and also a great way to generate a little extra cash. While blogging is in no way a get rich quick gig, it can definitely bring you some money if you keep working on it.

Rent out a room

Do you have a spare room in your house? You might be able to make a bit of money renting out that space to travelers.

This can be done through sites such as Airbnb or a number of different facebook groups where travelers and room owners find each other.

Do surveys

Probably not going to make you enough for you to be able to quit the 9-5, but you can make some extra money doing surveys. I have been doing surveys while putting the kids to bed, and its as good a time waster as any online game, it just puts a little cash in your pocket.

Look for Swagbucks, Surveyjunkie or inbox-dollars.

Are there any of these you have tried? I would love to connect and hear all about your journey! Feel free to comment below with your work from home story!

until next time – /Malene.

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